Imagine Inhabit Centers across the world where the finest teachers fill your life with goodness by sharing the wisest, most compassionate teachings in safe, supportive, energetically clean, sacred natural spaces. These are Centers where life itself is inhabited to the fullest potential. This is the Inhabit Vision. It fills you up and ripples out from your heart and mind to the rest of the world.




We are alchemists: combining the elements of teaching and learning within the most supportive environments on the planet. World-class teachers meet up with the most willing of students to share their gifts and give what they were born to give.   These magical meetings occur at the best facilities located in natural environments that are conducive to the deepest embodiment of that which is being taught. We find the sacred sites, build the Centers, and join together teacher, student and environment.




We believe that we are all life-long learners, learning life’s lessons. We are here to grow, transform, and discover. It is in our own hearts and minds where this takes place. We each are alive and filled with the spirit and capacity to advance beyond our wildest dreams – filling our lives with the habits of health and wholesomeness while releasing the habits of harm and unwholesomeness. This is our one precious life, we believe in inhabiting it to the fullest