Special Series

TRE (Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises)

with Rick Stockwell, P.T.

Tues., Oct 13th | 6-7:30 | FREE INTRO      

The American Institute of Stress reports that stress causes adverse health effects in 43% of adults and is responsible for 75-90% of doctor visits. TRE is a simple set of exercises that turns on you body’s natural rebalancing process-providing an immediate experience of relaxation. By releasing everything from everyday stress to deeply held physical tension and trauma, TRE frees you up to meet life’s challenges with greater skill and ease. Best of all, your body does the work; you get relief without needing to process or retell your story.

In this class you will learn to use TRE to let go of stress & old patterning. The exercises work for all body types and are easily adaptable for any fitness level or mobility challenge. Once you’ve learned TRE, you can practice it independently, at your convenience. Empower your body to heal itself, and open up to greater sense of joy and wholeness.

People in more than 100 countries use TRE. Join them to experience documented benefits, including: Release of chronic tension & emotional or physical trauma, increased energy & stamina, less anxiety, relief from body aches (including back pain headaches & TMJ), enchanted ability to stay focused and connected, improved sleep, better mood & greater mobility

For more information on TRE and to register go to www.sunrisephysicaltherapy.com or contact Rick Stockwell, PT directly at 970.749.5308