Patrick Meiering

Mindfulness Meditation

Patrick has been practicing insight meditation since 2005 and is a graduate of the 3 year Dedicated Practitioner Program through Sprit Rock Meditation Center. He is the ex-CEO of Zuke’s Natural Pet Nutrition, the co-founder of the Dog & Cat Cancer Fund, and the co-founder of Durango’s new center for learning, growth & Transformation – Inhabit. His inspiration is helping others find true happiness and unlimited freedom in the midst of busy, every day life.

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Mindy Meiering


Mindy Meiering, MSW, is the co-founder of Inhabit ™, Durango’s Center for Learning, Growth & Transformation. A Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Certified Life and Retreat Coach, and a longtime gratitude devotee, Mindy brings 18 years of experience to her practice & is devoted to helping others learn how to inhabit their lives more fully and joyfully.

Mindy offers 1:1 life coaching, custom daylong retreats for individuals and groups, and a monthly Gratitude Group at Inhabit. For more information, you can contact her at mindy@inhabit.org.

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Rick Stockwell

PT/ Certified TRE Provider

After 22 years working in the traditional outpatient physical therapy setting, Rick realized that there was something deeper driving chronic conditions that traditional physical therapy was not addressing. That driver, he concluded, was an imbalance in the Autonomic Nervous System, with the fight/flight/freeze (sympathetic nervous system) overpowering the rest/digest/heal (parasympathetic nervous system).    Rick opened his specialty practice in 2010 so that he could focus exclusively on treating these chronic problems, which included chronic pain and trauma related conditions.

Rick’s had his own health crisis in 1999 when he contracted Viral Encephalitis, which then progressed to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. This gave Rick first hand experience in what an imbalance in the Autonomic Nervous System can do, and how poorly it is understood and treated by the “traditional” medical system. After spending 10 years trying to reclaim his life, Rick started working with techniques that focus on the Autonomic Nervous System.   The dramatic changes he experienced prompted him to open his own practice so that he could bring these techniques, treatments, and results to others.

Operating out of a small clinic with no exercise equipment or modalities, Rick spends 1-3 hours with clients in a combination of hands on techniques and home exercises aimed at restoring balance to the Autonomic Nervous System and the structural body, and bringing peace and harmony to his clients lives.

Central to his treatment methods are the TRE’s. They are simply one of the easiest and least encumbered methods of balancing body, mind, and spirit out there. The body is designed to heal itself, to operate efficiently, and to be free of physical and emotional pain. TRE’s and other techniques that Rick uses allow this to happen, letting people reclaim their lives and getting back to doing the things that bring them joy.

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